Sustainability Is Our Mane Priority

The Mane Republic Salon is not only passionate about our customers feeling glamorous inside and out, but also passionate about our environment.

As of 2017, the Australian hair industry was sending more than two million kilograms of waste to the dump every year. That’s the equivalent of eight million wheels of brie cheese! Mmmm cheese…

Last year we made the decision to become a Sustainable Salon, working with Sustainable Salons Australia to reduce the quantity of waste we send to landfill. We repurpose all of our shampoo bottles, paper, chemicals and wine bottles (shh … don’t tell the boss) in order to help save our environment. 

So how does this process work??

  1. We divide our waste into 7 categories (with a bin for each): chemicals, hair, plastics, metal, paper, razors and tools.

  2. Every fortnight our waste is collected and sent to various recycling centres across the country.

  3. Each resource is repurposed in order to reduce our eco footprint.

When we cut your hair we don’t just let it sit around and collect dust on the salon floor. Unfortunately they don’t contribute to our rent bill. Human hair is an extremely valuable resource that can be repurposed in two major ways:

  • Long hair and ponytails can be made into wigs and weaves for those suffering from alopecia or who have lost their hair as a result of undergoing cancer treatment. We are extremely passionate about this initiative because as a producer of Luxemane Collection hair extensions, we understand how much confidence a beautiful wig or weave can give a person. So far we have donated at least 12 ponytails to this initiative and we look forward to helping more. If you are interested in donating your hair, come in and have a chat to one of our friendly stylists on the glam squad.

  • Hair clippings that can’t be made into wigs or weaves have the option of being turned into hair boons. Hair boons help to clean up oil spills in our oceans. Rather than soaking up the oil, it coats each strand of hair in a similar way to when our own hair gets oily and we need to wash it. Amazingly, each hair boon can effectively clean up four litres of spilt oil. That’s the equivalent of almost five and a half bottles on wine!

More interesting ways our waste is recycled:

– Plastic from our old shampoo and conditioner bottles can be melted down and then reshaped into things like glasses frames and underground electrical cables. Both of these options are really great solutions too, as these products rely on materials that can withstand long periods of time.

– Metals from our aluminium cans and electrical appliances can also be repurposed into highly recyclable metals like aluminium, copper, silver and brass.

It has been so interesting for us to learn about this process and to know that we as a team are doing our part to help the environment. We care about quality and we want everything we make and do to last. Our environment deserves our support and through this change, we are making a big difference.

As a team, we have been overjoyed by the progress made so far, and we look forward to seeing the many kilos of waste that will be saved from landfill as a result of this change.

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